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Several health factors—cellular damage, sun damage, and the surrounding environment—and the effects of repeated muscle contractions from frowning, smiling, squinting, and raising eyebrows can affect the overall appearance of your skin. Botox® skincare treatments can be used to help relax the facial muscles that cause tension in the head, neck, and jaw joints, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

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Vivier® Skincare

No matter what skin type you have—normal, oily, combination, sensitive, or dry—Vivier® skincare products are uniquely designed to penetrate deep into the skin and target visible signs of aging. All Vivier® skincare products are formulated and manufactured to meet the highest skin care industry standards.


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Purchase Vivier® skincare products online at Click here to create your skincare profile with clinic code: 4035262236.

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cold sore

Cold Sore Treatment

At Crossings Dental, we can use soft tissue dental lasers to kill the bacteria from cold sores, activating the healthy regrowth of tissues. Soft tissue dental lasers work by penetrating soft tissue in the skin at the same time as sealing vessels and nerves. This means that they can help reduce post-operative pain and bleeding, while also speeding up the healing process.

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